Music is always a pleasurable and delightful gift that is loved by everyone. It is just a pleasing sound which has the ability to pursue through the heart and calms the mood swings of humans. Art is an important aspect from the past ancient periods and music is the finest thing in that list of arts and it is not just a part of the culture, it remains as a soul of culture all around the world with various varieties of music. In the past years, to enjoy a piece of music is a harder thing which everyone cannot get it. People experienced and enjoyed good music directly from the real-time drama shows filled with a cast of actors. After a little development in the electronics industry, few electronic devices start spreading among the society for people use, where it can be affordable only for the rich people

Appliances such as Telephone, Television, and Radio etc. were inducted into the people for normal use. After some period of time these appliances turned out to be a part of life for everyone and the cost also reduced with the development of technologies, so that everybody owned radio and televisions, especially most of the people bought radio as they were available at affordable costs for everyone. From this point of time, radio emerged as a new means of communication where music, advertisements, other news, and information are telecasted via radio waves in a wireless communication means. This wireless feature made the radio as one of the popular evolution in the technology timeline.

History of Radio

Various scientists discussed information about the propagation of electromagnetic waves through free space. Then the “Hertzian waves” (radio waves) were discovered, and at first, the trial is made to transmit for short distances. After that, this technology developed and wireless telegraphy was used for some time, and in the First World War, radio was developed a lot for the communication purposes in the military systems. Electronic amplification process has transformed radio into a home appliance that can be used by everyone. After the war, commercial radio stations were born and radio became a mass medium of entertainment for the people. World War 2 also accelerated the radio transmission for sharing news and information across the countries. By this path, radio has gained a huge development by providing various communication services for the people.

Arrival of radio as a medium of entertainment

The usage of radio has changed a lot after the world war 2, as radio was used as a prime source for not only entertainment but also for telecasting information, people discussions, advertisements etc. By telecasting popular music, the target audience for radio has increased a lot from young teenagers to old persons. It developed a lot much more than what Marcony or Tesla had imagined, as it served as a base for the wireless communication network. These radio waves are propagated by the use of antennas, which converts the electrical currents into radio waves and vice versa. Some antennas can be used for the simultaneous purpose of transmitting and receiving signals. As the need for radio channels increased among the people, a numerous number of radio channels were started and implemented in different areas worldwide and telecasted.

At first AM radio (Amplitude Modulation) were used for the transmission, in which the amplitude of the transmitted signal is proportional with the amplitude of the sound signal captured from the microphone. Later on, FM (Frequency Modulation) type radios were used because of its quality of music and voice with less noise than AM. High power radio waves were used for better penetration through the buildings and mountains. After multimedia developments through mobile technologies, not only the facility for storage of songs is implied in mobiles but also FM radio is delivered with all the mobiles. By this feature, there is no need to buy separate big radio machines which occupy huge space at home and radio became an easily accessible feature for everyone who owns a mobile. Quality of radio signals also increased by achieving higher bandwidth compared to old radio transmissions.

Online radio websites

Before the arrival of the internet, these all radio transmissions and receiving were done offline without any internet usage from the user. The user is also confined to certain radio stations only which are situated in the surrounding nearby area, and they are not able to access other radio channels which are in remote and other language channels etc. But after the coalesce of internet and multimedia, the access to radio channels increased to a widespread, that anyone can access any radio channel all over the world of any language. Broadcasting of radio channels through the internet is actually webcasting, as it is transmitted through internet media through websites and mobile apps. Streaming feature is in internet media, as live streams can be done via internet, a direct communication with the audience is achieved and editing, replay is not possible in radio streaming. Brand new radio websites are introduced over the internet and it offers news, sports, various topic discussions, and different genres of music to enjoy. The main advantage of this radio via internet is easy accessibility from any part of the world to any particular radio station. It is well suited for music lovers with multiple interests in means of language, culture or genre etc. The particular radio channel can listen through embedded player program located on station’s website.

Mutadv FAQs

How do I listen to the radio stations over the internet?

Just simply click on the icons beside each station name, and the stream will start the broadcasting to your computer. In case if you receive the error messages, kindly contact our customer support.

Can you update me the station’s details?

Yes sure!!! Kindly send me a message along with your updated details.

What are your advertising rates?

If you want to advertise, please contact the station directly.

Do I need a computer for all of this?

Both the podcasts and the radio require the listeners in order to have the internet access. Internet-ready devices such as the Smartphone, tablet are the needed one.

What do you mean by short URL?

Short URLs are nothing but the shorthand version of the website’s online address. You can access the concerned website quickly just by typing the given “URL” into the browser.

Who chooses the music?

The show hosts choose their own music and the station programmers skillfully select the rest of the music that plays across the schedule between the programmes.

The station name is not streaming. Can you fix it?

In case if the station has the ceased streaming, it will be deleted automatically from the website. In these criteria, the enquiries should be directed to the individual broadcasters.

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